Private Thai Lessons in Chiang Maiv

Reasons to Choose Private Tutor for Thai Language in Chiang Mai

Learning Thai at some of the more traditional Thai Language Schools in Chiang Mai often means sitting in a classroom with other students, and going through role practice that does not help you learn how the language is used. This approach will help you learn the words yes, but not how the actual Thai people communicate in everyday life. Our Thai language teachers offering private Thai language lessons in Chiang Mai both in-person and online give you an advantage not always found in other learning institutions. We have 25 years of experience using a one on one model of teaching Thai language, and that makes the difference when it comes to finding a language program for learning how to speak Thai.

Our aim is to help you develop your Thai Language skills that will be of most benefit to you and will tailor our lesson plans each individual learner’s needs. Thai language learning is most often taught in group classes at the various language schools in Chiang Mai. Although this can be a very good starting point and introduction to the basic fundamentals including tones, vocabulary and sentence structure, our experience has shown us that students will often have different learning styles, goals and commitments so when teaching the Thai Language we do not believe in a one size fits all model approach. Our private Thai tutors both in Chiang Mai and online will help you succeed in your specific goals for learning the Thai language.

To gain maximum benefit to enhance Thai language skills We would highly recommend the 5-day course. We appreciate that some people may be time-restricted especially if visiting Chiang Mai for a short time period so we have also introduced a 2-day course which is less in-depth but still a very good starting point.

Following both courses students will have the opportunity to continue their Thai language studies with one of our teachers either by private Thai lessons in Chiang Mai or continue to learn Thai online via video call platform. Please visit our lesson fees page for more information.

Choosing a Private Thai Language Teacher in Chiang Mai Experience Matters

The experience we have will help you in many different ways. Learning the Thai language does not have to be long and complicated. Our teachers will be able to target what you need to know and help you get there either in person or by private lessons online.
Experience matters with teaching as well. Our private tutors specialising in teaching the Thai language in Chiang Mai will be able to assess your strengths and areas of growth quickly and accurately. This is not something that you can get in a classroom, this is one on one assessment and goal setting. With 25 years of practice, teaching over 5000 foreign students, working closely with international agencies and businesses, we have learned what it is our clients need and want. We don’t teach you Thai words or skills that don’t matter to you, and experience has given us this advantage.

What Other Benefits are There to Learning Thai Language with Private Teacher

A final benefit that our students get as a result from studying Thai with private lessons online and in Chiang Mai is our many years of experience is that we know the best and most effective skills to help you learn the Thai language. Experience has taught us that one on one tutoring in Thai is the best instructional method especially for those students who have first studied one of our intensive Thai language courses. It has also informed us that making the goals fit what you need will help keep you motivated and interested in learning. Experience finally gives us the best tools and techniques to help you learn Thai in the way that you need. We learned to give you what you need, not make you pay for extra things that don’t matter to you.

At Thai Teacher Chiang Mai, we use what we know and what we have learned over 25 years in the business of helping people learn Thai. We know what works best for each individual’s needs in learning Thai. Our private tutors in Chiang Mai know the language and the culture intimately so that you can get the most out of your experience. We teach you effective and clear techniques that are the most useful in learning the Thai language. Thai Teacher Chiang Mai gives you the freedom to learn to speak the Thai language and work at your own pace towards your own goals. This will not be a typical classroom format, but an individual tutor that will help you learn the Thai language right in Chiang Mai and online.

Please contact us by phone or through our website and start learning Thai today!