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Sawadee Krap

Welcome to Thai Teacher Chiang Mai – An interactive, vibrant and fun alternative to some of the more traditional Thai language schools in Chiang Mai.

Our owner and founder Kru Salad (Kru being the Thai word for teacher) is a highly respected Thai Language teacher in Chiang Mai with over 25 years of experience teaching Thai to foreign students from all over the world including Europe, America, Asia and in particularly China, Japan and Korea.

Our private Thai lessons and intensive Thai language courses in Chiang Mai are designed for students serious about learning Thai Language.

Intensive Thai Language Course Chiang Mai

Intensive Thai language courses available in Chiang Mai 2 days and 5 days using the latest modern learning methods including MI (Mindfulness Immersion), TPR (Total Physical Response) and Hypnotherapy. Read More at:

Learn to Speak Thai in Chiang Mai – Private Lessons

Learn to speak Thai in Chiang Mai with experienced private tutors and teachers. Learn, develop and improve your Thai conversational skills with vocabulary and useful phrases that are relevant to you and Read more at:

Holiday Thai Language & Culture Course (Half Day)

Half-day Thai language and culture course in Chiang Mai. A great introduction for visitors to learn more about Thai history, cultural practices and an introduction to the basics of the Thai Language. Read more at:

Learn Thai Online in Chiang Mai

There are some very useful resources on google and YouTube for learning Thai online. These can be great tools for extra practice but in our experience should be supplementary rather than a replacement for learning Thai language with an experienced teacher f… Read more at:

Reasons to Learn Thai With Thai Teacher Chiang Mai

Our aim is to help you develop your Thai Language skills that will be of most benefit to you and will tailor our lesson plans to each individual learner’s needs. Thai language learning is most often taught in group classes at the various language schools in Chiang Mai. Although this can be a very good starting point and introduction to the basic fundamentals including tones, vocabulary and sentence structure. Our experience has shown us that students will often have different learning styles, goals and commitments so when teaching the Thai Language we do not believe in a one size fits all model approach. Our private Thai tutors will help you succeed in your specific goals for learning the Thai language.

Learning Thai can be fun

At Thai Teacher Chiang Mai, we create a fun and flexible learning environment for speaking, reading, and writing. Our goals are your goals. From the beginner’s Thai language course, where you can learn basic Thai words and vocabulary, to advanced Thai for fluency, we have the teacher and the program to meet your needs. You don’t have to go looking for different teachers.

Thai Teacher Chiang Mai is your “one stop shop” for learning Thai in Chiang Mai.

Private Thai Language Course in Chiang Mai for all Levels

A tourist or visitor may just want to learn some basic Thai, in order to get around or order food at a restaurant. A business person may be in town and need to know Thai to discuss a local business opportunity. For people planning on moving to Thailand, their goal may be to learn to speak Thai fluently and immerse themselves in Thai culture. We offer all of these learning options through one on one private tutoring.

More advanced students have the opportunity to learn the Northern Thai language as well. This is perfect for people who intend to live and reside in Chiang Mai, or anywhere in North of Thailand, for a significant period of time

Thai Teacher Chiang Mai gives you the freedom to learn to speak the Thai language and work at your own pace towards your own goals. This will not be a typical classroom format, but an individual tutor that will help you learn the Thai language right in Chiang Mai.

Please contact us by phone or through our website and start learning Thai today!