Learn Thai Online – in and Beyond Chiang Mai

Having taught over 5000 (yes five thousand) students teaching in both Thai language schools and private Thai lessons over the past 25 years we are pleased to be able to connect with past students and new students by utlising modern technology to help students learn Thai online in Chiang Mai.

Is it Possible to Only Learn Thai Online?

There are some very useful resources on google and YouTube for learning Thai language online. These can be great tools for extra practice but in our experience should be supplementary rather than a replacement for learning Thai with an experienced teacher face to face whether that be in person or one to one tuition with Thai language teacher online. Given current concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) along with many students living in remote areas of Thailand as well as international students, we are pleased to be able to offer Thai lessons online by Skype or other video call platform with some of our local Thai language teachers here in Chiang Mai. Our intensive Thai language course in Chiang Mai gives students a great foundation to build a basic yet solid foundation of the fundamentals of learning Thai language and they will then have the opportunity to continue to learn Thai language online with one of our teachers.

What is the Best Way to Learn to Speak Thai Online?

Learning to speak any language well takes commitment, willingness and most importantly maintenance which can only be achieved with continuous practice. There are many different learning styles and resources available that when chosen correctly and combined can be extremely advantageous for developing your Thai language skills. The most important part of succeeding in any language is to set goals and practice often.
To improve conversational Thai seeing, listening and speaking are the secret yet obvious combination however it is combining these all together in the right way that needs some consideration and fine-tuning through practice. A great resource is Thai television on channels like YouTube where you can pause and rewind. It is not essential to understand every word as unless you speak Thai to an upper immediate or advanced level this would be an unrealistic expectation which will inevitably lead to disappointment, frustration and self-doubt.
We recommend students watch something they enjoy in their native language where they can follow the action or choose something where you know the story so don’t have to try and work out what is going on. One student enjoys watching such cartoons as Cinderella or even watch a film in Thai that they have already seen.
Other mediums include:
Thai flashcards
Thai audio dictionary
Thai language exchange ***
Social Media groups
Whatever mediums you choose it needs to be enjoyable. As human beings, we enjoy pleasure so you must find the right balance for you so if you do not enjoy watching the news in your native language it is highly unlikely that you will enjoy it in another language. In order to develop your Thai language skills, it is very important to push yourself outside of your comfort zone buy being openminded to approaches you may be sceptical about or have not been successful in the past. This is where honesty plays a part your teacher is your guide, he/she is not a mind reader so you must have an honest relationship with them tell them your struggles, be open to feedback and listen to the suggestions.
***There are various Thai language sites online which can be very helpful and low cost sometimes even free. At Thai Teacher Chiang Mai we are currently developing our own online Thai language exchange group for our students please contact us to register your interest.

What are the Advantages on Learning Thai Online with Thai Teacher Chiang Mai?

  • We employ experienced teachers with over 50 years of combined experience teaching Thai language to foreigners from all over the globe. Feedback, reviews and personal recommendations can be found by visiting our testimonials page.
  • Personalised learning programme in the comfort of your own home. Save time and money by not travelling and the stress of traffic and road rage!
  • Natural conversation, immediate feedback on your pronunciation tones where necessary without interrupting any natural flow.
  • Learning remotely is a great way to either learn the basics or maintain and develop your Thai language skills particularly for visitors to Chiang Mai who have attended our Holiday Thai language and culture course or those who have committed to complete one of our intensive Thai language courses who wish to continue their studies by learning Thai online anywhere in Thailand or even when they return home.

Do you Offer Group Thai Classes Online?

Currently no we do not offer this service however as mentioned previously we are looking to introduce our Thai language exchange group online and there will be options to work with our teachers and other Thai native speakers online.

What Days and Times Can i Study Thai Online?

Our teachers are based in Thailand however are very flexible as we teach Thai language online to students in various countries around the world across several time zones. We offer Thai language lessons online 7 days per week. We have found that many students prefer weekend lessons allowing them to learn and study Thai language at home so we can accommodate this for online learning only.

How Much Does it Cost to Learn Thai Online in Chiang Mai?

Our fees to learn Thai language online are very competitive starting at just 325 Thai Baht per hour lesson with our 20-hour package. More information about the packages we offer for learning Thai online can be found on our fees page
Please contact us to find out more information and to schedule an initial free consultation to assess your current level, motivation and goals.