What is the Best Way to Learn Thai Language in Chiang Mai?

First and foremost, you may wish to ask yourself why you want to learn Thai and how much time, effort and money you are willing to commit? Deciding whether you just wish to learn the basics to get by and be polite, intermediate level to speak Thai in everyday life or if you are looking to learn Thai in Chiang Mai to a more advanced level.
A tourist or visitor may just want to learn some basic Thai, in order to get around or order food at a restaurant. A business person may be in town and need to know Thai to discuss a local business opportunity or property investment.
Thailand is a wonderful country with many great sights and experiences. By choosing Thai Teacher Chiang Mai, we can help you enhance those experiences by helping you to learn simple words and phrases or get you to the point where you can live here and speak Thai fluently. The goals are up to you.
To start learning Thai and discover the magic of this country here are some of the most effective initial resources to use when wanting to learn Thai language in Chiang Mai.

***There are various Thai language exchange sites online which can be very helpful and low cost sometimes even free. At Thai Teacher Chiang Mai we are currently developing our own online Thai language exchange group for our students please contact us to register your interest.

Learn Thai Language in Chiang Mai

Why Thai Teacher Chiang Mai is Your Best Choice

Students serious about learning Thai language can do so with private tutors and highly experienced language teachers at Thai Teacher Chiang Mai through private lessons or our intensive Thai language course. Neither of which is a typical classroom process and work with you in small groups and on an individual basis. Our methodology remains focused on you the individual the whole time during your tutoring.

Here are a few comments from past students, more reviews can be found by visiting our testimonials page.

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