Intensive Thai Language Courses in Chiang Mai

Finally, an intensive Thai language course in Chiang Mai. This course is unique and exclusive to Thai Teacher Chiang Mai and we are very excited about this. We aim to provide the best Thai language course in Chiang Mai that is both educational, fun and provides a solid foundation for language learning that yields long-lasting results.

Learn Thai Language Through Hypnotherapy, Total Physical Response & Mindfulness Immersion

Unique to Thai Teacher Chiang Mai which differentiates us from the many other private Thai teachers and Thai language schools in Chiang Mai.

During the course, we work in conjunction with experienced Hypnotherapist Brett Thornton founder of Chiang Mai Counseling and Counselling Thailand.
Total Physical Response, Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness Immersion can help with Thai language learning in the following ways:

Reduce Stress: Physical, mental and emotional tension can be a huge barrier to language learning so by being in a calm state of mind to make it easier for your mind to absorb and learn new information.

Increase Motivation: Many people start language learning very excited but then will drastically reduce or stop learning altogether. When this occurs, we often find that students duplicate this behaviour in other areas of their lives. Increasing motivation and decreasing procrastination go hand in hand. Hypnotherapy is proven to help combat this and combined in a fun and learning environment help maintain enthusiasm.

Improve Memory: Not just the words themselves and not always the accent but more the sounds and pronunciation. This is particularly important for learning Thai language the tones which many of the words to the western ear sound, not just similar but exactly the same.

Reduce Fear & Anxiety: Past attempts or negative experiences of language learning, making mistakes and feeling disheartened can block a student’s ability to learn. By combining Total Physical Response, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Immersion is a fantastic approach to overcome this.

“Hypnotherapy is not a magic cure for people to learn Thai language fluently without effort. Learning any language takes time and practice. Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind that allows people to receive and recall relevant information and improve the way people learn. At Counseling Thailand, we often combine CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with hypnosis with a direct focus on eliminating the negative thoughts and core beliefs that are hindering student progress to learning new languages. We really enjoy working with students and other teachers and practitioners at Thai Teacher Chiang Mai and thoroughly recommend their Thai language courses “

Brett Thornton – Founder, Head Counsellor & Lead Hypnotherapist –

What Will i Learn and Achieve During the 5 day Course?

To gain maximum benefit to enhance Thai language skills We would highly recommend the 5-day course. We appreciate that some people may be time-restricted especially if visiting Chiang Mai for a short time period so we have also introduced a 2-day course which is less in-depth but still a very good starting point.

Following both courses students will have the opportunity to continue their Thai language studies with one of our teachers either by private Thai lessons in Chiang Mai or continue to learn Thai online via video call platform. Please visit our lesson fees page for more information.

HOW MUCH DOES THE Intensive Thai Language Course Cost?

Cost for our Intensive Thai Language Course in Chiang Mai is as follows:

12,000 Thai Baht 2 days (8.15 am to 5 pm)
20,000 Thai Baht 5 days (8.15 am to 5 pm)

Where to Find Intensive Thai Language Course in Chiang Mai

Our Intensive Thai Language course will be held at Chiang Mai Holistic Wellness Centre located in the Nimman area of Chiang Mai. (This is a different location to where we teach our private Thai lessons.) Nimman boasts many hotels, restaurants and has easy transport links to shopping malls and other areas of Chiang Mai such as the old city and Chiang Mai University. We would recommend students book accommodation close to our course location.

How Can i Register for the Next Intensive Language Course in Chiang Mai?

Given the current situation with Covid-19 we do not have fixed dates for next course. Please contact us to register your interest and we will keep you informed.

***Please Note***

Given the current situation of Coronavirus COVID-19, we cannot confirm for definite at this stage whether courses will still run on these dates.

We are currently advertising and accepting advanced bookings for the course as places are limited (maximum 6 students per course) so would encourage students to book in advance. In the event of Thai Teacher Chiang Mai being unable to provide course due to government regulations then a full refund will be given or booking transferred to an alternative later date.

If you are interested in studying with us for intensive Thai language course outside of these dates please contact us and if we have enough demand, we would be happy to provide additional courses if possible.